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Bloxcraft is a Roblox game based off of Minecraft. It is a survival game which has blocks, items, ores, tools, and much more. It's got everything from dirt to diamonds. It was made by the ROBLOX group "The Deadly Developers", mainly the player NowDeadly. Bloxcraft is currently under development. It is beginning to become more popular, as more and more hear about it. You can help out Bloxcraft by playing it!

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BloxCraft Game Update Log

12/3/2019 Creative mode is finally out! Also, there are now commands in singleplayer!

12/1/2019–Game World is now 1.8x More Deeper than before, allowing for more mining and exploration!

11/25/2019–Beds! Beds have now been added to Bloxcraft!


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